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American Mine Door's August 2013 e-NEWSLETTER

Manufacturing Mine Doors since 1906

American Mine Door manufactures economical, safe, efficient underground mine doors for all tracked and trackless mines.  Adding value are AMD's custom, in-house automation controls, taking door operation to new levels of safety and reliability.  

After more than a century of service, American Mine Door is enjoying a renaissance in innovation, custom development, and international sales.  Want to learn more?  Watch our Introduction Video, then Contact American Mine Door to see how we can help solve your mine door challenges today!

American Quality, International Demand

What sets American Mine Door apart?  At AMD, we become your partner in developing a custom manufactured mine door that meets the specific needs of your mining operation.  Our expertise includes the manufacture of High Pressure Doors, Low Pressure Doors, and Personnel Doors

High Pressure Mine Door from American Mine DoorOur experience encompasses a wide range of underground mining operations, from coal, uranium, salt, and gypsum to clay, gold, potash, titanium, and molybdenum.

Worldwide Sales Include:

  • USA and the United Kingdom
  • Argentina, Australia, and Chile
  • Honduras, Ireland, and Guatemala
  • Mongolia, Russia, and South Africa

Can American Mine Door serve your mine portal needs?  Contact us today to learn more. 

Personnel Mine Door from American Mine DoorSpecializing in Innovative Technology and Design

American Mine Door Features Include

  • Door size ranges from 5'-0" - 23'-0" Wide to 5'-0" - 16'-0" High.
  • Custom PLC (programmable logic control) solutions for specific customer requirements.
  • Electro-hydraulic, pneumatic and manual actuation systems available.
  • AMD manufactures doors withstanding up to 800,000 inches per pound torque of air pressure.
  • Working together, multiple fans and the door operation itself contribute to the ventilation control of the mine.
  • AMD's ventilation doors remain closed if air currents are reversed.
  • Allows traffic into neutral airways, where a permanent stopping is impossible to construct.
  • Ventilation mine doors can be moved and installed in new locations, if necessary, avoiding expensive overcasts.
  • Reduces icing conditions by installing an American Mine Door at the portal.

Unique Features, Reusable/Movable Designs

Our mine doors wing open in opposite directions. This unique design feature allows our mine doors to withstand many inches of water
gauge pressure. The same air pressure that assists the door in opening also assists it in closing. Consequently, air pressure is equalized.

Ramp slope effects are cancelled as one door wing operating downhill aids the other wing uphill. Due to the equal force principal, our mine
doors can be installed in almost any slope application. To assure maximum lifetime value, our mine doors are
reusable, and can be easily moved from one location to another.

Door Automation Controls from American Mine DoorDoor Automation

The American Mine Door custom designs your door automation controls.  After a review of your specific needs, we provide a written description of exactly how your custom control system we will operate.

American Mine Door then builds your controls in-house, proceeds with a thorough testing of the system, and provides complete wiring schematics and installation instructions for your reference.

Custom automations and controls may include, but are not limited to, lighting systems and audible alarms, door interlocks (one door cannot open if another door is open), thru door scanners (door will not close on objects), remote control operation, sonic trip sensors, and more.

Contact Us Today

At American Mine Door, Co., we want your business, and we're prepared to provide safe, cost-effective solutions that have you coming back to AMD for all your mine portal and door automation needs.  See why the world is turning to AMD for the best in underground mine doors.  Call us at 216-432-3240 or visit our Contact us page today.


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