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Cable Vulcanizers

amd cable vulcanizationUnderground mining presents a harsh environment for both men and equipment. When it comes to high voltage mining cables, wear and tear is an unavoidable fact of life.

Damaged trailing cable in a mine results in expensive downtime, and with some cables carrying up to 25,000 volts, a quick, safe repair becomes a high-priority.

A Cable Vulcanizer is a compression molding machine designed to repair cable jacketing where splicing has occurred, where connectors and other devices have been added, or to replace damaged sections.

At American Mine Door, we offer two premium solutions:

  • Our Steel Frame Cable Vulcanizer is favored by many cable repair shops and stands up to heavy use. (Weighs in at 152 lbs., minus the handle)
  • Our Aluminum Frame Cable Vulcanizer allows for easy transport and repairs on the spot (Weighs in at 75 lbs., minus the handle)

cable vulcanizer high back minedoorOur innovative and proven design has been used in the mining industry for years, making jobs easier and safer.

Features of AMD Cable Vulcanizers

  • Accepts most mine cable molds
  • Fast clamping action
  • Easy to load and unload
  • Sturdy construction for harsh mining environments
  • Open front - no tie bars
  • Snap action thermostats
  • Indicating lights

Cable Vulcanizer Molds

american mine door cable vulcanizerWe design and machine in-house two different types of molds that are used in our CV machines. Molds are machined from 6061 aluminum using CNC machining equipment. All CV molds are fitted with hardened pins and bushings for alignment of the top and bottom halves of the mold.

Splicing molds are used to join two cables together or repair damaged wires within a multi-conductor cable. These molds open up to a larger diameter in the center of the mold to accommodate the extra space required for the splice.

Repair molds are used to repair damaged outer jacket only. Repair molds have the same diameter of the cable being repaired all the way through the mold. Attached photo is an example of a “repair mold.”

Specifications of Cable Vulcanizer

All electric circuits are circuit breaker protected within the CV controls.

Voltage  Most
Watts  3000
Platens  6-1/2 x 20
Bench Space 16 x 20
Set Temperature  300 degrees
Temperature Adjustable  240 / 350 degrees
Acme Screw  1-1/2 - 4 thread
Net Weight  150lbs.
Throat Opening (Standard)  6 inches
Throat Opening (High Back)  10 inches

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