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Mine Door Automation

Automate your underground mine door airlocks for increased safety and productivity.
Underground Mine Doors with Automated Controls
At American Mine Door Co., our PLC control packages allow you to secure your airlocks using thru-door scanners sensitive to obstacles between the doors, avoiding injury and damage. Our controls open and close doors via roof mounted sensors, detecting vehicles approaching and exiting the mine door, which also helps eliminate idle time.

  • Increase safety and productivity while maintaining airlock integrity by using an American Mine Door Co. PLC automation package. 
  • 1 door, 2 door “air lock” and 3 door “T” automation control packages available.
  • Each automation package is customized to its application and has been proven in hundreds of installations in many types of mines.
  • We only use the highest quality enclosures and components to assure the reliability and survivability of our automation controls over many years of trouble free service.

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Reliable Customization and Production

Automation Package for Mine DoorsEach mine door automation control package is developed in-house, customized to meet the specific needs of your mining operation. We offer each customer a written description of exactly how their control system will operate. At that time, the customer reviews the system operation overview and makes any final alterations to be included.

A thorough testing of the system follows, along with development of a complete set of wiring schematics and installation instructions for the customer.

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CProgrammable Logic Control Packages for Underground Mine Doorsontrol Features

  • NEMA 12/13 enclosure 
  • Allen Bradley Micrologix 1000 PLC 
  • Line conditioner in each system 
  • All Allen Bradley components (relays, terminal blocks, switches, fuse holders etc.)

Options and Programmable Logic Control Packages 

  • Door interlock logic – lock out 1 door in an airlock to maintain neutral airways. 
  • Automation Controls for Mine DoorsLogic for “T’s” and “cross” traffic patterns. 
  • Lighting systems (green, red and yellow shows traffic conditions). 
  • Buzzer/ horns for audible alerts whenever a door is in motion.
  • Rope pull switches – used to manually open/close a mine door. 
  • Thru-door scanners – scan between the door wings during the close cycle to detect anything between the doors.
  • If any object is identified during the close cycle the doors wings will immediately open to avoid injury or damage. 
  • Sonic sensors – located on the roof of the mine, a sonic sensor is placed a predetermined (by installer) distance at the entry and exit of the mine door.
  • Sonic Sensors Detecting Vehicle Movement Through a Mine DoorWhen the sonic sensor identifies a moving object, a signal is sent to the PLC which signals the door to open or close. These can be used in track or trackless mines very effectively, significantly reducing idle time at each mine door. 
  • Remote control systems via remote transmitters. 
  • Cap lamp sensors to activate door systems. 
  • Above ground controls of your mine doors via Ethernet communication cable. 
  • Bump style safety curtains affixed at the door wing edge (at center where door wings come together). Used as an E-stop in the event an object comes into contact with the curtain.

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