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American Mine Door's April 2014 e-NEWSLETTER

northern mine expoCanadian Mining Expo

Join us on May 28th and 29th as American Mine Door Co. comes to the Northern Mines Expo in Timmins, Ontario. Visit us at Booth #48.

Meet the AMD team and see our stunning demos and videos.

The Northern Mines Expo is Canada’s Mining & Exploration Showcase.

Featuring over 400 Exhibits of the world’s newest mining technology and services, this event brings together organizations and people representing all components of the mining and mineral exploration industry.

At American Mine Door, we recognize that when it comes to 21st Century mining initiatives, Canada is the place to be. And AMD brings exceptional offerings to the table, including rugged, innovative mine door designs, reliable automation controls & safety systems, and custom manufacturing, along with track cleaners and cable vulcanizers.

Rugged, Innovative Mine Door Designs

high pressure mine doorAs mine depths increase, old-style “garage door” designs just can’t stand up to the pressures and cycle times required.

Using a simple “opposing wing” design, our high-pressure door packages have proven perfect for high water gauge installations with high traffic requirements. AMD doors in the field continue to operate at 300 cycles per day, 365 days per year thanks to quality details like pivot pins of heat-treated alloy steel riding in a bearing with a bronze bushing. Altogether, AMD’s cutting-edge designs and durable manufacturing result in exceptional reliability with minimal maintenance.

Available options and custom manufacture adds a whole new level of interest. AMD offers “the whole package,” from automation and safety controls to personnel man doors in opposing wing, sliding, and concave configuration. We can even install a man door in the wing of a high-pressure door! In a recent “muddy” installation, we were asked to customize our product with door bearings two feet off the ground. AMD met the challenge with as durable and reliable a product as our standard configuration.

Reliable Automation Controls & Safety Systems

mine door automation air lock controlAt American Mine Door, our advanced yet rugged control packages offer the ability to automate your air locks.

Sensors and Programmable Logic Controllers are used to secure mine door operation by locking out one door while thru-door scanners detect obstacles between the doors to avoid injury or damage.

Sonic sensors detect vehicles approaching and exiting the doors, actuating door operation, eliminating idle time, and improving safety.

Installing doors on 12 by 6 pitch allows them to open and close quickly, cycling through 63 degrees in as little as 6 to 10 seconds, significantly reducing door cycling time.

Safety options include:

  • Buzzers and horns which can be triggered for audible alerts.
  • High visibility lighting systems to show traffic conditions.
  • Sonic sensors that automatically open and close mine doors, eliminating idle time while maintaining airlock integrity.
  • Bump style safety curtains affixed at door wing edges.
  • Above ground door position indicators.
  • Remote control and above ground control utilizing remote transmitters and Ethernet communications.

Custom Manufacturing

Tired of “one-size-fits-all” solutions? At American Mine Door, every project is a collaborative effort between your team and ours to provide the right solution from every angle, including door size, controls, automation, modifications, personnel man doors, and more.

With manufacturing capabilities few competitors can match, American Mine Door is ready for any project. Just two examples of our manufacturing depth include:

press brake1000 Ton Press Brake

Few companies can join us in the 1000 ton press brake club. Fewer still would have the crane capacity to lift and move 60,000 lbs pieces into place for bending.

Our experienced press brake crews can form a wide variety of shapes up to 20' wide. These include cones, cylinders, segments, compound curves, pipes, reducers, transitions, knuckle segments, dished plates, and more.

Koike Plasma Table with 8’ X 20’ Cutting Area

plasma cutting table koikeOur Koike Plasma Table and bladder style water table. Using a Hypertherm 200 amp power source, our cutting table allows us to produce almost any shape requested.

  • Virtually dross-free cutting capacity - mild steel 20 mm (1")
  • Production pierce capacity - mild steel 32 mm (1 1/2")
  • Severance - mild steel 75 mm (2")

We can burn HR/CR steel, AR plate, stainless steel, and aluminum. In addition to producing parts for our own product lines, we also do burning for machine shops, fabrication shops, and steel service centers, handling small, large, and challenging burning projects.

amd capabilities offers mining equipment american mine door

Track Cleaners & Cable Vulcanizers

In addition to mine doors, AMD offers additional mine essentials, including both Track Cleaners and Cable Vulcanizers.

Designed to serve in a variety of underground mining environments, our Model 75 Track Cleaner operates while hitched to a locomotive. Learn more on our Track Cleaner page.

The innovative and proven design of American Mine Door’s cable vulcanizer has been used in the mining industry for years, making jobs easier and safer. Visit our Cable Vulcanizer page to learn more.

Exceptional Capability, Limitless Possibilities

To learn more about how American Mine Door can help support your mining operation, visit these “best-of” editions in our newsletter archive:

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