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American Mine Door's December 2014 e-NEWSLETTER

1000 Ton Press Brake

At American Mine Door, we’re taking fabrication to the next level. We told you in our last newsletter that we recently acquired a Pacific 20’ x 1000 Ton Press Brake; it is now production ready and we would like to invite you to see this titan in action. We currently have open machine time and can offer quick turn arounds on all of your metal forming needs.

This colossal press can handle virtually all of your metal forming needs.


With a 1000 ton capacity, our new press brake can form sheets of A36 structural steel up to 7/8” thick and 20 feet long. The distance between the housings measures in at 218”. It also comes equipped with:

    • 4-way vee die with 1”, 2 ½”, 4 ½”, and 8” openings and multiple top punches available
    • A throat depth of 16"
    • A ram stroke of 12"

Some thick sheet metal fresh off the press brake.

The Space Your Heavy Fabrication Needs

Some other highlights of our 98,000 square-foot facility include our 60,000 pound lifting capacity, 5 acres of outside storage, and nearby access to 3 major freeways. Not to mention our entry doors measure 15’ wide by 20’ high. That’s big enough to fit the largest of loads.

Inside our massive facility, we’ve got more than capable equipment and staff for:

    • Forming up to 20' x 1000 tons
    • Burning up to 96” x 240”
    • Shearing up to 12’ x Ό”
    • Rolling up to 6’ x Ό”
    • Saw cutting up to 30” x 25”
    • General machine shop work
    • Wet painting
    • Engineering and design

We also offer various support equipment such as iron workers, track burners, welding positioners, mag drills, and more!

Call us for anything you need!

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We want you to know that AMD is more than a supplier of Mine Door technology; AMD is a proactive partner in ensuring the success of your heavy fabrication project. Let AMD be your total solution provider for your next big project and you’ll stick by us for every one thereafter.

See why the world is now turning to AMD for the best in heavy fabrication and underground mine equipment, including Mine Doors, Cable Vulcanizers, and Track Cleaners. Call us at 216-432-3240 or visit our Contact Us page to discuss your needs with an American Mine Door representative.