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American Mine Door's June 2014 e-NEWSLETTER

Customization and Dedicated Customer Service

Thank You for Visiting with us at the Northern Mines Expo

AMD at Canadian Mining Expo 2014On May 28th and 29th, American Mine Door® made its first appearance at the Northern Mines Expo in Timmins, Ontario.

Thank you for visiting us at Booth #48.

The AMD team was on hand with demos and videos, introducing you to our exceptional mine door designs, along with spec sheets and information on our Model 75 track cleaners and cable vulcanizers.

To our new friends and contacts, please feel free to call on us with any questions you may have about AMD or for help and advice with that tough mining problem. We know business relationships take time to build, but we’re looking forward to serving you well.

Dan Zenisek of American Mine DoorExceptional Customer Service

When no one steps up to solve your problem, answer the phone, or even call you back, it’s time to partner with American Mine Door Company. When the only offer a manufacturer gives you is “take-it-or-leave-it,” you should call the mine door company whose answer is “you deserve better. Let us help.”

At American Mine Door, we’re soft on the sale, but a bit obsessive-compulsive about customer service. Let us break that down into 3 key aspects for you.


From the first phone call to post-installation support, we excel at the communication and documentation you need.

  • Precisely detailed instructions that leave nothing to the imagination.
  • Pre-packaged and individually labeled parts. From cylinders and pivot pins to bolts, controllers, and lock washers, there’s no sorting required.
  • On multiple door orders, we even break parts into clearly labeled crates for each door.
  • A project support specialist who listens to your challenges and provides the advice and experienced insights you need to ensure a smooth installation process.

Problem Solving

Blaming the problem on the customer is not the way we do things at American Mine Door Co. Whatever difficulty you’ve encountered, we’re here to help. A few examples:

  • In project planning for your new mine doors, we’ll work with you to evaluate the entire delivery path – right up to the site of installation. This allows us to segment large doors and package related components for a smooth routing through shafts and down elevators to the site of installation.
  • In solving “urgent need” situations, we’ve learned to prioritize the steps in manufacture, delivering mine door framing first so that time spent installing the frame gives the lead time needed on mine door wing fabrication.
  • Customization is second nature to us. When your installation site presents specific challenges, we work with you to reverse-engineer from problem to solution.

Ongoing Support

American Mine Door has been in business for 108 years; we’re not going anywhere. Whether it’s 5 years after the sale or 50, we’ll have the dedicated personnel ready to answer your call and the capability to solve whatever problem you’ve run up against.
If that sounds like a better way to do business, give us a call today at 216-432-3240, or visit our easy to use contact form. We’ll be glad to help.

Mine Door Automation and Customization

One of the most popular mine door customizations offered by AMD is our ability to automate mine door operations.
We routinely design specialized controls to meet the needs of your underground operation. After an initial review of your custom requirements, we build the controls in-house, run a thorough testing of the system, and then develop wiring schematics and installation instructions for you.

  • 1 door, 2 door “air lock” and 3 door “T” automation control packages available.
  • Each automation package is unique and has been proven in hundreds of installations in many types of mines.
  • We only use the highest quality enclosures and components to assemble packages that survive many years of trouble free service.
  • We will custom design and program automation packages to solve any unique customer issue.

Visit our Door Automation page to learn more.

Request a Quote or Contact Us Today for more Information

See why the world is turning to AMD for the best in underground mine equipment, including Mine Doors, Cable Vulcanizers, and Track Cleaners?

Call us at 216-432-3240 or visit our Contact Us page to discuss your needs with an American Mine Door representative.


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