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American Mine Door's May 2014 e-NEWSLETTER

Beyond Mine Doors

At American Mine Door®, our name doesn’t say it all. While our fame is based on more than a century of developing innovative mine doors, including today’s high pressure, opposing wing designs, our reputation is based on delivering exceptional quality and service in every product line. In addition to mine doors, AMD’s main product line features our rugged Model 75 Track Cleaner and our selection of cable vulcanizers and cable molds.

Model 75 Track Cleaner

See our Model 75 Track Cleaner in action by watching a video of a brand-new track cleaner having its systems tested before shipment. Designed to work while hitched to a locomotive, our track cleaner has proven its worth in a variety of underground mining environments, including iron, copper, coal, potash, and salt mines.

How does it work?

  • Using its forward plows, the track cleaner scoops excess debris from the outside of the railway, funneling the debris into the center area between the tracks.
  • Operating between the rails, our track cleaner’s digger plate picks up loosened material and deposits it to a gathering chain. The gathering chain moves debris onto a boom conveyor and then in to a receiving rail car.

For close-up images of a track cleaner in final assembly on our shop floor, please visit our photo gallery.

Cable Vulcanizers & Cable Molds

At American Mine Door, we offer two basic cable vulcanizer designs:

  • Steel Frame Cable Vulcanizer (less handle) 152 lbs.
  • Aluminum Frame Cable Vulcanizer (less handle) 73 lbs

For use with these vulcanizers, we design and machine in-house two different types of CV molds machined from 6061 aluminum using CNC machining.

All CV molds are fitted with hardened pins and bushings for alignment of the top and bottom halves of the mold.

Splicing molds are used to join two cables together or repair damaged wires within a multi-conductor cable. These molds open up to a larger diameter in the center of the mold to accommodate the extra space required for the splice.

Repair molds are used to repair damaged outer jacket only. Repair molds have the same diameter of the cable being repaired all the way through the mold. Attached photo is an example of a “repair mold.”

Visit our Cable Vulcanizer page to learn more or to Request a Cable Vulcanizer quote.

To learn about all the specifications and options of our Model 75 Track Cleaner, please visit the Track Cleaner page on our website, or complete our Request a Quote form today.

Meet us at the Northern Mines Expo

On May 28th and 29th, American Mine Door comes to the Northern Mines Expo in Timmins, Ontario.

Visit us at Booth #48.

The AMD team will be on hand with demos and videos, introducing you to our exceptional mine door designs, along with spec sheets and information on our Model 75 Track Cleaners and cable vulcanizers.

The Northern Mines Expo is Canada’s Mining & Exploration Showcase, and at American Mine Door, we recognize that when it comes to 21st Century mining initiatives, Canada is the place to be.

Featuring over 400 Exhibits of the world’s newest mining technology and services, the Expo in Timmins brings together organizations and people representing all components of the mining and mineral exploration industry. Join us at the Expo this month. We look forward to meeting you!

Exceptional Capability, Limitless Possibilities

To learn more about how American Mine Door can help support your mining operation, visit these “best-of” editions in our newsletter archive:

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