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American Mine Door's November 2014 e-NEWSLETTER

mine collision avoidance prevention systemExciting New Capabilities at American Mine Door

According to WikiPedia, the oldest known mine was located in Serbia and operated around 5000 BC. In some ways, not much has changed. Underground mining remains a challenging, often dangerous enterprise, but when you combine American ingenuity and 21st century technology, anything is possible.

What the ancients would have seen as the magic of the gods and the strength of titans, American Mine Door brings to reality today. Let’s take a look!

Collision Avoidance

mine door collision crash avoidance mine_safety For all of history, mines have been under threat from the natural forces of water and shifting rock.

Now, trucks weighing as much as 232,000 lbs under load routinely navigate narrow shafts in 24/7 shifts to bring out the payloads that drive our industrialized world.

It’s a unique situation, one in which even a minor “traffic accident” can cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, and where costs mount to include delayed production, compromised safety, and unhappy customers.

At American Mine Door, we can keep your trucks on course with our new Collision Avoidance System.

prevent mine accidents avoid damage Using a rib-mountain, light curtain system, our new technology provides visual and audible alarms when drivers stray off course. It even helps drivers make the turn after passing through a pressure door.

Looking at the images here, imagine the efforts and costs to get this door repaired or replaced.

In many cases, if a crucial ventilation door is out of service a mine will need to evacuate the area and stop mining efforts. Door replacements costs are minimal compared to the lost revenues to the mine.

To learn more, visit the Collision Avoidance page on our website, or call us today at 216-432-3240.


1000 Ton Press Brake

press brake material fabrication mine door miningWhen it comes to the strength of mythical beings like titans and giants, we doubt the boldest imaginations of ancient Greece could have believed the power of our new 1000 Ton Press Brake!

Few manufacturers in the US have the capacity to lift, move, and bend metal pieces up to 60,000 lbs in weight.

At American Mine Door, our press brake crews have the experience to form a wide variety of shapes up to 20' wide. These include cones, cylinders, segments, compound curves, pipes, reducers, transitions, knuckle segments, dished plates, and more.

This press brake is a brand new addition to AMD’s Custom Fabrication capabilities, which also include a new Koike Plasma Table with and 8’ X 20’ cutting area.

hydraulic press brake mine equipment fabricationTo see some of our latest fabrications and see our new 1000 Ton Press Brake close up, visit our Fabrication Gallery.

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