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American Mine Door's September 2014 e-NEWSLETTER

american mine doorProblem Solving – Individualized Solutions

Why would an Animal Feed Processor come to a Mine Door company for help?

At American Mine Door, our reputation for problem solving and individualized solutions has spread beyond the mining industry. If it’s a fabrication, welding, or automation challenge, companies have come to know AMD as the “go to” team that digs in, analyzes the problem "six ways to Sunday," and provides a working solution that gets the job done.

A recent example was a request from an animal feed processor. Plainly put, their feed was getting stuck in the pipes, and the consultant they brought in to get things flowing again took a ham-handed approach that left things little better off than before.

Our experienced welders and metal experts evaluated the problem in depth and came back with a gravity fed system using porcelain lined pipe and fittings to reduce the friction of the materials being conveyed.  Problem solved.

An Experienced, Multi-Faceted Approach to any Challenge

mine door mine equipment automationOf course, mining companies take advantage of our multi-faceted experience too. Recently AMD manufactured a specialized rail-car dumper. We designed the entire system so that the car would ride up a precise incline, with doors opening at just the right spot to empty all of the mining debris that had been loaded into the dumper.

When people outside the mining industry knock on our doors because they’ve heard we can think through any problem, and when mining companies ask us to provide solutions we don’t even advertise, shouldn’t you consider AMD for the core services we know best:

Our most common customizations include individualizing PLC controls, including door interlock logic for maintaining neutral airways, traffic lighting systems, and feedback sensors. We’ve even introduced a new collision avoidance system to advance safety in mine door operations.

american mine door automation mining safetyCustomer Service or Hand Holding?

Do you know why everyone thinks their situation is unique? Because it is! At American Mine Door we recognize this fact.

From your first call to the hand-off of your new mine door or system automation, we treat your project as a unique challenge. And the service continues after the sale. We work for a successful outcome that keeps you coming back to AMD for mine doors and much more.

We understand the mining process, as well as the abusive and corrosive nature of the underground environment. So we pledge more than exceptional customer service; our dedicated teams hand-hold you through the process each step of the way.

From the first sale, our goal is to build a lasting relationship with you. While you may have tried American Mine Door for our price, or our quick turnaround time and delivery, we are certain you will stay with us based on service and support after the sale.

At American Mine Door, we listen to your concerns, understand your needs, and help you solve problems.

As a custom manufacturer with almost a century of customer service experience, American Mine Door exceeds your expectations for:

  • Quality: the highest quality engineering and dependability.
  • Delivery: reliable, on-time delivery.
  • Price: cost-effective manufacturing.
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