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American Mine Door's February 2015 e-NEWSLETTER

Steel Fabrication Supervisor Position Opening

As you’ll recall, the theme of our January e-Newsletter was American Mine Door’s unprecedented growth as a value-added manufacturer of high pressure mine doors, track cleaners, cable vulcanizers, and custom electronic control packages.

This month, that growth has motivated the search for a skilled Steel Fabrication Supervisor, someone whose hands-on skills and management background make them an excellent addition to our synergistic approach to fulfilling the needs of the mining industry.

Production Skills a Must

At American Mine Door, we’ve found that the best supervisors share the same hands-on skills as the team members they manage. Our production environment is one where an experienced team joins hands to meet the needs of a diverse client base, and supervisors must lead by example, both in skills and work ethic.

We are looking for a highly skilled and experienced supervisor; ideally a candidate with 15 years experience in areas as diverse as press brake work, welding requirements, and fittings. If you can build a track cleaner or a mine door from start to finish, we’re looking for you.

Job Description

Established in 1906, AMD Co. started out by providing equipment to the underground mining industry. Over the years the company has developed many proprietary products that provide solutions for our clients around the world.

Situated 5 miles south from downtown Cleveland, our 100,000 sq. foot facility is conveniently located 1 mile from I-77. Over the last decade we have added many new products and services to break into new markets.

Currently we offer engineering and design, PLC automation control systems, fabrication, equipment building and machining services. Our business continues to grow and we need exceptional people to help us meet these needs.

Our current employment needs are in the steel fabrication portion of our business. This position has opened with the retirement of one of our key employees.

We are eager to find a STEEL FABRICATION MANAGER that is looking for a challenging yet rewarding position, someone with the skills and industry experience to become a key player within our organization.

This position will be part of our management structure and work alongside the other managers in a team environment.

This is not an office position; most of the supervisor’s time will be spent in the plant, on the fabrication floor. In time, there will be a need to spend more time in the office on a regular basis (project management, speaking with clients, interviewing, job costing etc…).

We are looking for individuals with a business owner mentality (some employees are former small business owners themselves).

We would be interested in speaking with anyone who desires to take on responsibilities and tackle decisions that directly affect the business. If you have the skills and want to be a leader in helping us grow our company, we would enjoy speaking with you.

Desired Skill Sets:

  • 10 years of experience managing a steel fabrication facility or owning your own steel fabrication company.
  • Directly responsible for all fabrication activities within the facility.
  • A decision maker and take responsibility for the decisions made
  • Familiar with all aspects of the fabrication process, including:

  • Ability to read drawings and welding symbols.
  • Ability to estimate fabrication projects.
  • Exceptional supervisory/ communication skills.
  • Welding (MIG/TIG etc…), fitting, press brake, rolling etc…
  • Familiarity with fabrication equipment: 80 ton Ironworker, 96" x 240"plasma table, 60,000 cap. overhead cranes, 1000 ton press brake, saws etc…
  • Basic machining skills (Bridgeport/engine lathe).
  • Additional responsibilities:

  • Able to lead and motivate a group of shop employees.
  • Responsible for interviewing/hiring and firing of shop employees.
  • Able to create BOM's for complex fabrication projects.
  • Responsible for the purchase of all raw materials and raw material costs for all fabrication projects going through our facility.
  • Excellent communication skills and have the ability to work well in a management team.
  • Identify and rectify areas within the business that need additional attention. Able to lead the company into new technologies and processes to retain competitiveness.
  • Willingness to take on additional responsibilities.
  • Be fiscally responsible for projects – be familiar with job costing, man-hours per project, and project profitability.

At American Mine Door, we are looking for a special individual to take on this key position within our organization. We are willing to work with the right individual to initiate a long term, mutually beneficial, employment relationship.

Rate of pay -- This is a salaried position based upon level of experience. We are prepared to pay an exceptional wage to an exceptional individual. The position includes company provided health insurance, paid vacations, paid holidays, etc…

If you feel you would be a good candidate, please provide your resume, with references upon request only. We abide by your right to privacy, and all of your information will remain confidential.

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