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American Mine Door's January 2015 e-NEWSLETTER

AMD's Massive Growth: From 1906 to 2015 and Beyond

Dan Zenisek, founder of AMDAmerican Mine Door has been manufacturing top quality mine equipment for over a century now, and in 2015 we are poised to see our most explosive business growth yet. Since Dan Zenisek acquired AMD in 2000, it has been his core goal to honor the proud tradition of AMD by assuring that American Mine Door would always produce the highest quality mine equipment and provide industry-leading customer service.

Since the company’s acquisition in 2000, AMD has gone from fabricating 5-10 mine door per year to 68 mine doors in 2014, shipped to 15 different countries. Our customers have stuck with us time and time again, and we’re fully confident that our new ones will as well, thanks to our quality equipment, value added services, and the beginning-to-end project solutions partnership that AMD forges with every customer.

We don’t just make the part to spec, we go above and beyond to ensure that every interaction with AMD is a satisfactory full-service customer service experience, and in 2015 we’re ready for even more satisfied customers and more forward momentum.

We're Not Just Growing Bigger, We're Growing Better

A Freshly Installed AMD Mine DoorAfter our relocation in 2013, AMD’s already capable facilities received a sharp increase in, size, manufacturing, and shipping potential. But we didn’t just upgrade our size; we’ve put in pain and sleepless nights to solve the problems of production and quality - we are a seasoned supplier - our product comes with all the years of previous experience behind us.

Over the years, much of our effort has also gone into optimizing and re-engineering existing products. Back in 2000, our doors originally featured connecting bars at both the top and bottom of the door, which made installation unnecessarily expensive and complicated. We immediately redesigned these to use one top connecting bar with improved strength and durability over the previous model, and we haven't stopped improving design and quality ever since.

Doing Our Part to Revolutionize Mine Equipment and Mine Safety

Recently, we've introduced a new rib-mounted light curtain collision avoidance system as well as other safety and productivity boosting technologies. Our Custom Door Controls (PLC) are a another great solution for mine door actuation. We tailor each PLC system to the customer's individual needs, providing opportunities for review, feedback, and excellent documentation every step of the way. Our available options include interlock logic, logic for intersection traffic patterns, buzzers, horns, traffic indicator lights, proximity switches, and plenty of other custom features requested by our clientele for their unique situations.

Our PLC systems are in such high demand that they are now shipping with 65% percent of our orders. At AMD, safety always comes first, but we know that your bottom line is a close-second. That's why American Mine Door brings a massive variety of other capabilities and services to keep your employees safe and your project profitable, including:

  • Cable Vulcanizers and MoreOur entire depth and breadth of manufacturing experience - Track Cleaners, Cable Vulcanizers, high pressure doors, low pressure doorspersonnel doors, and more.
  • High value electronic systems including door automation and collision avoidance.
  • Total customization of mine door solutions, not just one size fits all.
  • Top-notch customer service worldwide, with robust international sales in over 15 countries.
  • Custom heavy manufacturing - including our huge 1000 ton press brake and 20’ plasma table.
  • Partnerships with our customers, making sure they have whatever they need, including custom door automations, and PLC packages, whatever you need to get any job done.

Today, our diversification and quality of manufacture keeps our products in high demand. We claim the best high pressure doors in the mining industry, as well as the best in quality of design, ease of installation, durability, and manufacture.

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So, as always, feel free to Contact Us or call us at 216-432-3240, and let AMD’s growth extend to your business.