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Mine Door Safety

By its very nature, mining presents health and safety risks for those who venture underground to liberate the resources needed by our 21st Century civilization.

At American Mine Door Co., we are dedicated to building safety and reliability into every product we produce for the mining industry.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the quality we build into our high pressure mine doors.

One of the first safety features of any mine door is its dependability. Designed for high traffic and high water gauge situations, AMD doors remain reliable in high-cycle applications (over 300 cycles per day, 365 days per year).

Our unique door wings open in opposite directions, allowing our doors to withstand many inches of water gauge.

With optional air regulators and sliding man doors installed in the wings, these are heavy-duty doors are designed to operate with minimal maintenance for years of service.

Installing doors on 12 by 6 pitch allows them to open and close quickly, cycling through 63 degrees in as little as 6 to 10 seconds, significantly reducing door cycling time.

To learn more, visit our High Pressure Doors page on the American Mine Door website, then Contact us to request a quote for your application.

Reducing Accidents and Injury through Automation

One of the most popular features of AMD Mine Doors is our programmable logic control packages, available with each installation.

Thru-door scanners dramatically increase safety by scanning between the door wings during the close cycle to detect objects or personnel that may be in the way. If any object is detected during the close cycle, the door wings immediately open to avoid collision. Additional safety features can be found in these optional configurations:

  • Buzzers and horns which can be triggered for audible alerts.
  • High visibility lighting systems to show traffic conditions.
  • Sonic sensors that automatically open and close mine doors, eliminating idle time while maintaining airlock integrity.
  • Bump style safety curtains affixed at door wing edges.
  • Above ground door position indicators.
  • Remote control and above ground control utilizing remote transmitters and Ethernet communications.

American Mine Door control packages can be custom fitted to your needs and are built with rugged work environments in mind, assuring years of trouble-free operation.

For more information, including a video animation of our airlock doors in action, please visit our Door Automation page.

Mine Door Features Video

Watch our Mine Door Video presentation

Reliable Customization and Production

Each mine door automation control package is developed in-house. We offer each customer a written description of exactly how their control system will operate. At that time, the customer reviews the system operation overview and makes any final alterations to be included.

A thorough testing of the system follows, along with development of a complete set of wiring schematics and installation instructions for the customer. To learn more, Contact American Mine Door today!

Control Features

  • NEMA 12/13 enclosure
  • Allen Bradley Micrologix 1000 PLC
  • Line conditioner in each system
  • All Allen Bradley components (relays, terminal blocks, switches, fuse holders etc.)

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