About American Mine Door®

Company History

  • Incorporated in 1906
  • Over 100 years of manufacturing mechanically operated ventilation control doors for underground mines all over the world

Safety First ….Safety Always

  • The American Mine Door “opposing wing” design was introduce in 1906 as the safest mine door on the market
  • One door wing panel opens into the air flow while the other door wing panel opens with the air flow.
  • US Patented for decades, the Opposing Wing mine doors do not dangerously lung open or slam shut.
  • Still is the safest mine door design on the planet.

Next Century Direction

  • Purchased by Daniel Zenisek in 2000
  • American Mine Door Company continues to manufactures custom high-pressure underground mine doors for the global mining industry.
  • Today’s underground mines doors incorporate all the latest technology, actuation and electrical controls.
  • Also providing a variety of mine products including cable vulcanizers, track cleaners, and more.

Manufacturing Facility and Processes

  • AMD currently operates a 100,000 Square foot facility
  • Located in Cleveland, OH USA.
  • All of our products are manufactured in-house, taking full advantage of our modern and well equipped manufacturing facility.

Engineering and Design

  • All AMD products are certified and stamped by a Professional Engineer (PE).
  • All product designs are tested by FEA analysis to confirm to the highest mine safety standards in meeting high air pressure demands in underground mines.
  • AMD is continuously researching and implementing engineering and design improvements

Protecting Miner Safety for Over 114 years

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“Worldwide, AMD is the original, trusted leader in Underground Mine Doors since 1906! We have well over 9000 doors installed worldwide; all we think about is Mine Doors!”

Is it worth the safety risks and liability of buying a door from a fabricator who doesn't completely understand the ventilation engineering behind each and every mine door application? At AMD, we deliver the most reliable solutions available for the mining industry.

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