Automation/Optional Control Components

American Mine Door® Co. provides a robust selection of mine door automation options and components to the global mining industry.  Our customized installations can be found worldwide in underground mines of almost every type, including: coal, uranium, salt, gypsum, clay, gold, silver, copper, potash, titanium, and molybdenum mines.

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Roof Mounted Equipment Detectors
air lock for mining
  • Roof mounted equipment detectors are installed near the roof at the entry and exit of each mine door.
  • Detectors are mounted a specific distance before and after each door. As a piece of equipment is travelling towards a door, the first detector identifies the piece of equipment and a signal is sent to the PLC controls system to open the door. Once the equipment passes through the door and under the second detector, a signal is again sent to the PLC control system to close the door.
  • Roof Mounted Equipment Detectors significantly reduce travel times through a mine door, the driver no longer needs to stop and pull a switch to open and close the door.
  • Uses Microwave Doppler Radar to detect equipment in motion.
  • IP65 Class Protection, tilt angles 0-180°, offers 6 modes of detection filtering
  • Three different models to choose from based upon roof height.

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Roof mounted equipment sensors
Thru Door Scanner
Thru Door Scanner
  • Thru-Door Scanners use an infrared beam to scan the area between the two doors wings as the doors are closing. An emitter is mounted on entry side of the door frame, and a receiver on the opposite side door frame (exit).
  • A single beam is transmitted from one side of the door frame to the other. If a piece of equipment breaks the beam, the scanner will identify the piece of equipment and return the doors to the open position to avoid a collision.
  • Used to detect equipment, not to be used to scan for people.

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Thru Door Scanner Example
Rope Pull Switches
Rope Pull Switch Example
  • Rope pull switches are used to open and close a door. Typically 4 rope pull switches are used per door, 2 on the entry side and 2 on the exit side. At the entry side of door, one pull switch is located on the left wall, the other on the right wall. Rope pull switches are typically installed to the roof of the mine. See example photo.
  • To minimize the amount of rope pull switches to only 4 per door, each rope pull switch can either open or close the door. IE: If the door is in the closed position, any of the 4 pull switches can be used to open the door.

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Mushroom Head Push Buttons
  • Mushroom Head Push Buttons are used to open and close a door. Typically 4 push buttons are used per door, 2 on the entry side and 2 on the exit side. At the entry side of door, one push button is located on the left wall, the other on the right wall. Push buttons are typically installed approximately 42” above the mine floor so equipment/truck drivers as well as pedestrians can access easily.
  • Multiple types available, typically designated by the mine operator.
mushroom head push button switch
HMI Display

Coming Soon

Traffic Lights and Audible Alarms
Traffic Lights and alarms for mine doors
  • Traffic Lighting and Audible Alarms are used to warn personnel that a door could be opening or closing, indicating if door is open or closed and inform personnel if there is a problem with the door
  • AMD offers multiple types of programming combinations for traffic lighting and audible alarm.
  • AMD is able to customize traffic lighting and alarm schedules to fit your mines needs. Let us know how we can assist. IE: Some mines require a red flashing light and audible alarm signal for 15 seconds prior to door movement. Other mines require an audible signal and green light only in the event the door is in motion.

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Cap Lamp Sensors

Coming Soon

Limit Switches

Limit switches are designed to provide safe and reliable signaling for industrial work sites. American Mine Door mounts all limit switches to doors’ cap headers and wires them back to the sites’ PLC enclosures in high traffic areas to guarantee mechanical protection.

Limit switches are used to manually control electric motor functions above and beyond the PLC Control Cabinet. Our open- and closed-door limit switches activate on physical contact when the door is in motion.

There are four IP67-rated, electro-mechanical switches used to identify the mine door’s open or closed position. Our customers know there are many advantages to installing limit switches on mine doors.

Reflective Tape Package

Heavy Duty 3M Industrial Reflective Tape for Safety and cautioning drivers well in advance of approaching the mine doors.

  • Industrial Strength waterproof for dark, damp, dusty conditions
  • Extra strength adhesive
  • 100% highly visibility ultra-bright light in all directions
  • Warning Color Red and White alternating, 11" red / 7" white
  • 4” thick
  • Resistant to Gasoline, Diesel and other Solvent
reflective tape on mine door reflective tape on mine door
Mine Door Battery Backup System

Do you have a need to operate and control your ventilation doors during a power outage?

Ever have a need to install a mine door in an area with no electricity? We can show you how this can be accomplished using a battery backup system.

  • We have operated a mine door and all peripherals (traffic lighting/audible alarms/thru door scanner/pull switches etc..) for over 1700 cycles on two 12 volt batteries.
  • All testing was done in-house and results will vary due to WG pressure and size of mine door.

Using “battery packs” and a charging station, we can offer 100% battery operated door packages.

Check out the video and contact American Mine Door Co. for more information about our battery backup systems!

Bollards (Avoid Door Damage)

American Mine Door offers a variety of safety and security features designed to ensure your company’s physical structures and assetes are protected for your operation. From ventilation systems to escape doors, reflective tape to ground stanchions, we have everything you need to protect your mine, assets, and personnel.

Call our expert installation team at 216-432-3240 to learn more about choosing the right mine door design for your location.

American Mine Door uses heavy-duty, premium, steel stanchions to protect your custom mine door from being struck by approaching vehicles.

Also known as bollards or balusters, stanchions can be combined with other American Mine Door design features; such as sliding pedestrian doors, industrial-strength reflective tape, and more; to achieve maximum safety and security at your site.

The upright stanchion post can be customized to fit your needs with features ranging from reflective coloring to fillable canisters. Heavy duty stanchions are regularly used at mining locations to prevent emergencies.

Our expert team knows stanchions are a must-have for all industrial work sites – especially those with high traffic through their main haulage ways or access doors. Where stoppage in production is critical, allow trucks to damage the stanchions and NOT the mine doors.

That’s why American Mine Door requires installation of at least four stanchions per door.

Sliding Regulator in Mine Door
Sliding regulators are used in mine doors to allow metered air flow through a door. The sliding regulator is made from the same thickness steel sheet as the door skin. Regulators slide by riding in tracks at both the top and the bottom of the regulator. Once sliding regulator is in desired position, the regulator can be locked in place with a pad lock in 3” increments. sliding regulator mine door sliding regulator mine door
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