AMD Hybrid Actuation System

American Mine Door Co. has uncovered this latest technology of the AMD Hybrid Actuation System in an effort to provide the latest actuation technology available on the market today.


  • East to install
  • Easy to set-up
  • Easy to operate
  • 25 Year Product Life
  • Industry leading warranty
  • Proven Hydraulics, complete self-contained.
  • Local discrete operation.
  • Simple 2 wire on/off operation.
  • Virtually maintenance free for low operating costs.
  • Serial bus connectivity, network connectivity.
  • No plumbing, hoses or oil needed, plug and play actuation.
  • The sealed system keeps external contaminants out.
  • Reservoir volume is LESS than 1 gallon.
  • The fluid is pre-flushed and cleaned for worry free operation.
  • The integral filter allows for maintenance free operation (over 8000 hours of operation).
  • NO hoses, fittings or other connectors required.
  • Integral flow tubes with elastomeric seals ensure leak free operation.
  • Compact brushless permanent magnet motor provides power on demand in small envelope.
  • Proportional speed and directional control standard.
  • Unit delivered filled with fluid and ready for service, simply connect via a power and control wire.

Why the AMD Hybrid Actuator is the great solution for Mine Door Actuation?

  • The AMD Hybrid Actuator delivers three times the power density of a comparably sized Electro-Mechanical solution.
  • Heavy chrome plated rods with optional Global Shield™ rod coating, stainless steel rods for extreme corrosion prevention.
  • No hydraulic hoses, no hydraulic power unit, self contained system. Significantly less costly to install vs. traditional hydraulic systems.
  • No reduction in life commonly found with screw-type actuators when loaded.
  • Very low power consumption compared to other linear actuator systems.
  • Able to manually adjust pressure output of the actuator unlike electric actuators. These actuators can be adjusted from 0-3000 PSI to achieve the right amount of force for each application. To adjust
    pressure on an electric actuator, an HMI or PC is required to make any pressure adjustments.
  • Able to easily adjust stroke speed manually on the actuator unit. Speed of stroke on electric actuators can only be adjusted via HMI or using a PC.
  • The AMD Hybrid Actuator uses fluid to actuate the cylinder rod and handles shock loads well. Electric actuators are driven by an acme threaded rod and nut assembly, which is not as forgiving to shock loads.
  • Similar in weight to an electric actuator.
  • These units have been tested up to 30,000 hours, while running peak force and pressure without any failures or leaks.
  • The AMD Hybrid Actuators cost is approximately 25%-35% less than a comparable electric actuator with similar force.
  • When using a AMD Hybrid Actuator, since there is not an accumulator installed like a traditional HPU system.

AMD can provide a Battery Backup System that would maintain the power to the entire PLC system, allowing the actuator to operate 50+ door cycles using the Battery Backup System. A pushbutton or rope pull switch would be installed on each side of the door to operate the AMD Hybrid Actuator unit during a power failure.

Please call American Mine Door to discuss how we can assist with any AMD Hybrid Actuator questions you may have!

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