Pneumatic Operation

AMD offers multiple methods to actuate (power) your door package. Over the last 40+ years we have sold thousands of pneumatically operated doors. A Pneumatic Control Package will consist of the following items:

  • A NEMA12/13 powder coated enclosure is used to house the pneumatic control system. Optional enclosures are available (NEMA4, NEMA4xSS).
  • The system operates from the mines internal pressurized air supply.  A minimum of 120 PSI is required to operate the system.
  • If you want to operate your Mine Door using a pneumatic system and do not have available pressurized air, AMD can supply an optional air compressor to operate your door.
  • An exterior air filter is supplied with this system to maintain clean air into the system.
  • A 17-gallon air storage tank (supplied) is tied into the system to offer 3-5 open/close cycles in the event of a power outage (loss of air). Number of cycles during a power failure is dependent upon size of door and WG pressure within the mine.
  • Pressurized air travels into a 2-way directional valve. When a pull switch is pulled, this signal travels to the solenoid and directs the valve to either the open or the closed position (based upon previous state of the valve position). The solenoid valve then directs the 2-way valve to either open or close the door. Door open and close travel speeds can be regulated by the two flow valves directly located inside of the enclosure.
  • A terminal strip is provided for all electrical connections. These pneumatic control systems can accommodate any common mine voltages.
  • The last piece in the AMD Pneumatic Control System is the Air Cylinder. The Air Cylinder is affixed on top of the door. Once the two air lines from the AMD Pneumatic Control System are run to the cylinder, and all the electrical connections are made, the door is operational.
  • AMD supplies all the fittings required for installation, no air hose is supplied and is the mines responsibility.

Contact AMD Co. if you have any questions regarding our Pneumatic Control Systems!

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