Installation Service

A Variety of Installation Options

American Mine Doors can offer a variety of different options to support you mine door installation projects.

Do-It-Yourself Installation

Our doors are some of the easiest door systems to install. Yet each mine is unique and different their own way; mining different minerals, with different applications, different strata, and a different mine environments. It is impossible for AMD to advice on one “best approach” to installation. However, we will be with you every step of the way.

Supporting Installation Documentation comes with each Mine Door order

With each order American Mine Door will provide you with all drawings and a detailed installation manual with step by step instructions. For drawings and r installation manuals for your purchased doors please contact us at or call us at 216-432-3240

On-line Technical Install Support

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of our on-line technical phone support. A trained AMD technical staff member will walk you through step-by-step on all

  • Pre-Commissioning
  • Installing all door frames, sills, and posts
  • Framing and Anchoring to Roof
  • Door Wing Installation
  • Connecting Bar, Cylinder, Control Valve
  • PLC Controls
  • Final Adjustments to entire unit

Our in-house technical installation team is always available to guide you through any challenges you are facing underground. For underground ventilation mine door installation support contact us at or call us at 216-432-3240

Install Examples

What typically happens, the mine will assign a qualified mine engineer to assess the install site and take core samples if necessary. The mine will be responsible for the final install decisions and design based on their engineer’s findings.

Once the mine engineers determine their best option for their mine we can assist with other example drawings, support and council.

Some mines will build a block wall and attach the frame to the block wall.

Many hard rock mines typically

  • Drill into the ribs & roof
  • Use rock bolts and rebar and weld this to the outer frame
  • And then screen
  • And shotcrete the wall to finish

Full-service mine door contract installation and services when needed.

American Mine Door has a variety of different solutions for your mine door installation support.

We offer anywhere from full turn key support with our workers or just supervisory support with your mine workers. You decide.

On-Site Consultation

An American Mine Door trained representative can be on-site at your mine to assist with: training of mine personnel on door installation and operation, on-site consultation on the installation of the Mine Door, Electrical Controls, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, PLC Control system and more, or support your start-up assistance and maintenance wioth your mine workers.

Contract Installation Team

Very often, mines require additional labor for mining services, equipment installations, mine door installations and more. Together we solve your overall manpower needs for installing underground mine doors.

From concept to completion, we employ technical expertise that is unmatched. Our employees are team oriented and able to adapt to a variety of underground environments and challenges. Whatever you choose our installation team adheres to the highest standards of installing an American Mine Door safely.

Our reputation depends on the quality of the work that we produce, and we take our role in this industry very seriously. No matter what challenge a mine faces, the team is able to meet those needs with cost-effective solutions that allow you to stay focused on your daily operations.

Request an Installation Rate Quote at or call 216-432-3240

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