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American Mine Door® Co. has two main door designs available for the Mining Industry, a high-pressure door that has been used around the world for over 50 years and a new low pressure door. Our “low pressure” doors are a lighter design and economically priced for less demanding applications . We also offer our popular Personnel Man Doors. Operation of the AMD Mine Ventilation Door Our door wings open in opposite directions. This unique design feature allows our mine doors to withstand many inches of water gauge pressure. The same air pressure that assists the door in opening also assists it in closing. Consequently, air pressure is equalized. Ramp slope effects are cancelled as one door wing operating downhill aids the other wing uphill. Due to the equal force principal, our mine doors can be installed in almost any slope application. To assure maximum lifetime value, our mine doors are reusable, and can be easily moved from one location to another. Mine Door Options and Features Custom Controls for Mine Door Operation (PLC)installed-mine-door American Mine Door Co. has the ability to design and build control systems to work with your door package. We can custom design a system that operates lighting systems and audible alarms, create door interlocks (one door cannot open if another door is open), thru door scanners (door will not close on objects), remote control operation, sonic trip sensors etc.. We discuss your unique control needs and assist you in designing the safest and most productive systems for your situation.

AMD Track Cleaners

In the past, mines transported their raw product in drop bottom and side dump cars. Dirty tracks were the norm. As the mine car doors began to wear or otherwise fail to seal tightly, coal sifted from the cars onto the track. Material build up became so bad between the rails that motormen found they could pull fewer and fewer cars in their loaded trips due to contact with this material. Not only did this situation require more trips to haul the same load levels, but the cost of mine car maintenance skyrocketed. Without the use of our efficient Track Cleaners, it required a significant number of personnel and higher resulting labor costs to clean the tracks by hand.

In the early 1940's, American Mine Door introduced the first machine designed specifically to clean the haulage road in underground mines. Prior to that time, and for some years after, master mechanics would try, often unsuccessfully, to adapt old loading machines to clean track.

Many track mines remain in use around the world, and American Mine Door's rugged, heavy-duty track cleaner is still the best way to clean track. Designed to operate in coal, metal, and non-metal underground mines, our Model 75 Track Cleaner is successful in removing Iron, Copper, Coal, Lead, Potash, and Salt from your tracks.

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