Underground Mine Doors

With over a century of experience serving the needs of mining operations just like yours, American Mine Door® has earned a reputation for delivering the highest-quality products, affordably and efficiently. Innovation, safety, and customer satisfaction are our highest priorities.

Door Model Highlights:

  • Originator of the “opposing wing door design”. 75+ years of design evolution, AMD is the authority in opposing wing doors.
  • Multiple door models have been designed to meet a specific level of cost and performance. No “one size fits all”, we have a solution for your mine.

Criteria used to determine door model are:

  1. Size: from small to very large.
  2. Air pressure: low pressure (1”WG) to extremely high air pressure (16”+WG).
  3. Number of Cycles: 1000 cycles per year to over 140,000.
  4. Lifecycle: temporary doors to doors that are still in operation after 45+ years.
  5. Speed: Low speed to high speed. Most doors cycle in less than 12 seconds.
  6. Cost: low cost to higher cost door packages, tailored to your budget.

Our Technical Sales Process:

From the first call or Email – an experienced AMD Technical Salesperson will work with you to determine the best door, actuation and electrical controls solution for your needs.

Select from the images below to explore the wide range of mine door types available for worldwide sale. Call us at  +1 216-432-3240 to speak to one of our mine door engineers and hear about the expert solutions we can bring to your underground mining challenges.

High Pressure Mine Door

American Mine Door uses a proven, simple design when creating our high-pressure mine door packages. They are typically used on sites with high water gauge air pressure situations and high-traffic requirements.

Our expert engineering team calculates the amount of force that will be placed on the door analyzing such factors as water gauge, height, and width to determine torque. Doors with larger surface areas and higher water gauges require more force to open and close easily. In addition American Mine Door will also need to understand mine strata, temperature, open and close cycles and application to advise on safest ventilation door system for each application.

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High pressure Mine Door

Underground Mine Doors

Medium Pressure Mine Door

Medium Pressure Mine Door

By designing a medium pressure mine door system, our expert team can now cover a greater range of applications for our customers. Medium pressure doors are typically smaller in width and height, than our high-pressure mine doors, as there’s less water gauge air pressure to contend with.

Our medium pressure doors use less materials, narrower wing panels, and smaller frames, reducing both weight and – more importantly – cost.

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Medium Pressure Mine Door

EcoVent Low Pressure Door

The EcoVent ™ Mine Door is specifically designed as an alternative to traditional re-usable underground “equipment and/or machine” doors for the current price-sensitive market.  The design is built for improved safety and durability while addressing an industry challenged with tighter operating constraints and reduced budgets.

The improved light weight but heavy-duty design will require minimal maintenance for years to come.

Available in manual actuation or actuated operation.

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EcoVent ™ Mine Door

Ecovent Low Pressure Mine Door

High Pressure F-120 Fire Doors

Underground Mine Doors

Our fire-rated mine doors are designed with heavy-duty, flame-retardant materials for added protection in the event of a mining emergency. These doors close and latch automatically, to prevent them from being left open during a fire.

Fire doors can be used to compartmentalize fires in various mining environments, quickly containing both flames and smoke while personnel are evacuated.

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Fire Doors

Roll Up Doors

At American Mine Door, we understand that every mine has its own unique needs for smooth operation. Sometimes, traditional doors aren’t the best installation option for your workspace.

We’ve worked with customers around the world to build a truly global brand, based on our reputation for unmatched, custom mine door designs. Call our expert installation team at 216-432-3240 to learn more about our unique mine door options, such as roll up doors.

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Roll Up Doors

Roll Up Steel/Rubber Doors

Specialty Mine Doors

Bulkhead stopping wall

Our specialty doors include, Powder MAG Doors, Modular Bulkhead systems, damper mine doors (including walls and bulkheads).

AMD manufactures and supplies dampers and “damper walls” to mines that require regulation of air flow through their mine doors or walls/bulkheads.We design both parallel blade and opposed blade dampers, dependent upon type of application

Sometimes called a “stopping wall”, modular bulkhead systems are available in multiple configurations to suit your needs.

Need Custom Explosives Magazine Security Doors for your mine? AMD has the solution for you. AMD has designed and built these specialty doors that are required to meet the ATF’s Explosive Magazine Construction Requirements, 18 U.S.C , 27 CFR, Part 555, Subpart K-Storage.

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Specialty Doors

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