American Mine Door has installed multiple steel fabricated bulkhead stopping walls in mines across the United States and around the world. For more than 100 years, we’ve created quality mining products to protect even the most extensive sites.

Our team can customize the right bulkhead stopping walls to meet your mine’s unique safety and structural needs. Call our expert installation team at 216-432-3240 to learn more.

Maximum Moisture Protection

Bulkhead stopping walls are typically made of concrete and between 10- and 20-feet long. The walls are placed inside mine openings to retain water in work areas, preventing unwanted moisture from entering the site. As an alternative to a concrete bulkhead stopping wall, American Mine Door can fabricate a steel stopping wall furnished complete for a simple low cost stopping wall.

American Mine Door bulkhead steel stopping walls are essential for ventilation fan upgrade projects that include the mounting of new mine fans into a stopping wall in key mine locations. Simply provide us with the drawings of your new fans and American Mine Door will design and fabricate robust bulkhead stopping wall custom to your needs.

There are various benefits to installing bulkhead stopping walls in your mine, including:

  • Enhanced water control for storage and treatment.
  • Prevention of dangerous blowouts.
  • Single solution for multiple problems, including acid mine drainage control.
  • Minimization of perpetual water treatment.
  • And many more!

While some mines do not have the appropriate geology, access points, or structural characteristics that are ideal for bulkhead installation, many can be adapted to create an intricate stopping wall network.

To learn more about how American Mine Door’s bulkhead stopping walls can accommodate your ventilation upgrade projects, accommodate new fan mounting, protect your mining operations from moisture, acid mine drainage, and more, email us today at