EcoVent Low Pressure Door

At American Mine Door, we know choosing the right door for your mining operation does not come with a “one-size-fits-all” solution. When traditional mine doors aren’t the best choice for your project, we have a solution.

The EcoVent ™ Mine Door is specifically designed as an alternative to traditional re-usable underground “equipment and/or machine” doors for the current price-sensitive market.  The new design is built for improved safety and durability while addressing an industry challenged with tighter operating constraints and reduced budgets.

The improved light weight but heavy-duty design will require minimal maintenance for years to come.

Customers have flexibility to incorporate many different control options as needed. In fact, no other door on the market offers such a wide range of options and customization for greater safety and efficiency.

A Safer Alternative

EcoVent mine doors are specifically designed to improve mine safety; and built with unmatched durability. They were also created for a price-sensitive market, so finding the right door for your budget is well within reach.

Each EcoVent mine door uses American Mine Door’s patented, opposing-wing design, which comes with countless benefits, including:

  • The air pressure is doing most of the work instead of the miner, creating a safer and more productive work environment for the mine employee.
  • Reliance on the mine’s own ventilation pressure for assisted opening and closing, regardless of airflow direction.
  • Equalized air pressure for prevention of slamming.
  • Reduced potential for injuries to hands and feet, which can become caught between door wings with traditional designs.
  • And so much more!

Finally, a safer door solution than conventional re-usable machine doors.

EcoVent mine doors can help reduce stress on your mind – and your wallet! Are you doing everything you can to keep your mine safe?

The EcoVent Difference

Too many accidents and injuries have occurred in high-pressure mines, as the result of traditional doors slamming unexpectedly. As underground mines continue to improve their safety practices, EcoVent mine doors are right on trend, providing a better alternative to machine doors.

  • EcoVent ™ doors are easily installed and the best part; no hardware or special tools required. Its lightweight design makes it easy to move around, and re-use repeatedly, providing years of service.
  • EcoVent mine doors offer a safer, modern-design alternative to traditional machine doors. Contact us today at to learn more about what doors could work for your site.

Our experts know safety is your company’s top priority. For more than 100 years, we’ve served customers around the globe who work in high-risk environments. For more information on if an EcoVent mine door is right for your operation, call us today at 216-432-3240.

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