High Pressure F-120 Fire Doors

American Mine Door knows all mining operations have to adhere to specific requirements when it comes to fire safety. Mines regularly house hazardous and highly-flammable materials, making fire doors a necessity in some areas.

We regularly work with customers across the United States and around the world to customize durable, dependable fire doors for all types of mining operations. Call our expert installation team at 216-432-3240 to learn more.

Heavy-Duty Heat Protection

Our fire-rated mine doors are designed with heavy-duty, flame-retardant materials for added protection in the event of a mining emergency. These doors close and latch automatically, to prevent them from being left open during a fire.

Fire doors can be used to compartmentalize fires in various mining environments, quickly containing both flames and smoke while personnel are evacuated. The most common types of fire doors include:

  • Sliding doors: Commonly used in larger spaces where easier access to entry and exit points is needed to accommodate more people and bigger equipment.
  • Hinged doors: Preferred for use in mining facilities. These doors provide increased security, sound and light control, and require minimum maintenance.
  • Biothermal doors: Designed to prevent gas flow between areas by creating an airtight seal. They can withstand extreme pressure, chemical, and thermal damage.

Specifications and Details

  • American Mine Door is proud to offer a certified F-120 rated “fire door” in our product line.
  • Utilizing our already proven High Pressure opposing wing door design, additional design and engineering was completed to: reduce the potential for leaks around the perimeter of the door and add high temperature ceramic insulation to the interior of the door wings.
  • High temperature ceramic seals capable of withstanding 2300°F provide an efficient seal between the door wings and frame, creating a barrier so gasses and particulates cannot pass through.
  • Tadpole gasket is used to seal the bottom of the door, Inconel woven covering and Inconel solid inner core offer superior abrasive resistance.
  • The interior of the door wings are insulated using an Alumina-Silica blanket, also capable of withstanding 2300°F, which greatly reduces heat transfer through the door.
  • If you are in need of an F-120 / NCh935 / 1.Of97 compliant mine door, American Mine Door can now supply you with this product.
  • Test door was subjected to a temperature of 1029°C for a period of 120 minutes. The side opposite the fire could not exceed a surface temperature of 180°C. During the test process, air pressure is placed upon the door to inspect for leakage. At regular intervals
    • 1. A cotton swab is put near any places where there could be leaks to see if gases escaping would char the cotton.
    • 2. A flame is put near any places where there could be a leak to see if escaping gases can be ignited.

American Mine Door has designed fire-rated doors for customers around the world, providing unmatched safety for thousands of mining personnel. To find out if a fire mine door is right for your operation, email us today at info@minedoor.com.

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