High Pressure Mine Doors

American Mine Door has a worldwide reputation for offering the best products for all mining projects. No matter what air pressure levels you’re dealing with, we can create the safest ventilation door solution for your site.

Ask about our HPM1000 and HPM800 Models.

All our products can be designed to fit your specific needs, including our high-pressure mine doors. Call our expert door ventilation team at 216-432-3240 to learn more.

A Force for Safety

American Mine Door uses a proven, simple design when creating our high-pressure mine door packages. They are typically used on sites with high water gauge air pressure situations and high-traffic requirements.

Our expert engineering team calculates the amount of force that will be placed on the door analyzing such factors as water gauge, height, and width to determine torque. Doors with larger surface areas and higher water gauges require more force to open and close easily. In addition American Mine Door will also need to understand mine strata, temperature, open and close cycles and application to advise on safest ventilation door system for each application.

We work hand-in-hand with our customers to construct the right doors for their unique needs. Benefits of installing high-pressure mine doors include:

  • A wide range of sizing options.
  • Functionality in high-traffic and high water gauge applications.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Easy installation of optional additions, such as air regulators or sliding pedestrian doors.
  • Heavy duty construction for years of service.
  • Full automation with installation of optional controls packages.
  • And many more!

At American Mine Door, we strive to create the strongest, safest, high-pressure mine doors to keep your operations and personnel safe for years to come. Contact us today at info@minedoor.com to learn more.

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