Medium Pressure Mine Doors

At American Mine Door, we’ve spent over 100 years building a global reputation for successfully meeting all our customers’ project specifications. Our experience working with companies across the United States and in other countries has taught us to be highly adaptable.

That’s why we developed a medium pressure mine door package to fulfill regular requests and meet our customers’ unique needs. Call us today at 216-432-3240 to learn more about choosing the right medium pressure mine door for your site.

Pressure Perfect

By designing a medium pressure mine door system, our expert team can now cover a greater range of applications for our customers. Low-pressure doors are typically smaller in width and height, than our high-pressure mine doors, as there’s less water gauge air pressure to contend with.

Our medium pressure use less materials, narrower wing panels, and smaller frames, reducing both weight and – more importantly – cost. Benefits of installing medium pressure mine doors include:

  • Same functionality as high-pressure doors.
  • Improved transportation and installation, due to lower weight.
  • Fast-acting, reducing idle time.
  • Customizable for low-pressure applications.
  • Minimal maintenance for years of dependable service.
  • Easy installation of optional additions, such as air regulators or sliding pedestrian doors.
  • Full automation with installation of optional controls packages.
  • And many more!

American Mine Door’s, medium pressure mine door products can be customized to fit your operating needs, with options for air, hydraulics, hybrid electro/hydro actuation, manual, or PLC controls. Contact us today at to learn more.

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