Modular Bulkhead Systems

Sometimes called a “stopping wall”, modular bulkhead systems are available in multiple configurations to suit your needs. If you need of a stand-alone bulkhead for temporary use, or a permanent installation, AMD can assist!

We offer a modular bulkhead system in conditions when a mine needs a unique solution due to: ground control concerns (coal/salt/potash) or temporary ventilation control.

Modular construction – bulkhead is assembled by adjoining panels that bolt together to

Below are all the different types of bulkhead designs we can configure for your mine!

Modular bulkheads can be designed for temporary or permanent installations. A temporary bulkhead (or mine door) uses “outriggers” that are affixed to the frame to support the door. Each bulkhead/mine door is individually designed and a FEA (Finite Element Analysis) engineering study completed to ensure a safe installation.

Available configurations:

  • Modular Mine Door
  • Modular bulkhead with pedestrian door or pedestrian “air-lock”.
  • Modular bulkhead with booster fan and pedestrian door.
  • Modular bulkhead with regulators and pedestrian door.
  • Other configurations are available.