Hydraulic Power Units

AMD Co. can design and supply almost any size or type of hydraulic power unit a mine may require. Over the last 15 years, hydraulics has become a popular solution to actuate door systems. AMD offers a robust hydraulic package, including the controls to mines all over the globe. Once a mine has good experience with the hydraulic power units that we offer with our door systems, many customers come back to AMD Co. for hydraulic packages to power other equipment within their mine. If you have a need for a hydraulic power unit and controls, please consider AMD Co. to offer a solution!

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders, Fittings and Hoses:

AMD Co. offers a wide selection of hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic cylinders, fittings and hoses. We hold inventory to many different sizes and configurations of both hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. We also offer a wide selection of hydraulic and pneumatic hoses and fitting. 

 Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders:

  • Almost any size, stroke and configuration offered for both Hydraulic and Pneumatic cylinders.
  • Fast turn-around on custom cylinders. Send us your requirements and we can send a quote in one day.
  • Cushions, no cushions, internal limit switches, lube, no lube and multiple seal options available.
  • Please contact AMD Co. for your cylinder needs!

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Fittings and Hoses:

  • AMD Co. inventories a large quantity of fittings and hoses for your equipment. We offer almost every size, thread type, pressure specific hoses and fitting for both hydraulic and pneumatic applications. We don’t just sell hoses and fittings for our own products!
  • We offer MSHA rated hoses for all mining applications.
  • Hydraulic hoses can be cut to length and the fitting installed the same day we receive your order. These typically ship the following day.
  • Please contact AMD Co. for any of your fitting and hose needs!
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