Safety is paramount in the mining industry. We have been at the forefront, offering global solutions to meet the unique challenges faced by mining operations. Our dedication to safety extends to our comprehensive line of fire-resistant mine doors, designed to provide utmost protection in the event of mining emergencies.

At AMD, we present two distinct types of fire doors tailored for underground mining applications:

1.- AMD’s F-120 Fire Door

Certified to F-120 / NCh935 / 1.Of97 compliant, these “opposing wing” fire-rated mine doors are ideal for high-pressure applications. Engineered with a combination of flame-retardant materials, these doors can withstand scorching temperatures of up to 1029°C (1885°F). Their capabilities extend to large sizes and high water gauge (WG) applications.

In case of a power outage, battery backup systems ensure these doors can still be operated. Additionally, the fire door seals are meticulously designed to prevent the passage of smoke or gasses when closed.

2.- AMD’s UL Rated Roll-Up Door

Our UL-rated Roll-Up doors are preferred for lower-pressure applications and are renowned for their reliability across the globe. We offer custom wing load designs, with standard options ranging from 60 PSF to an impressive 250 PSF; further details can be obtained by consulting our factory.

These doors are equipped with weather seals, including a neoprene hood baffle, vinyl guide weather stripping, and vinyl astragal on the bottom bar. For added safety, there’s an option for 1½” perimeter brush seals.

Fire and Smoke Rating

Our Roll-Up Doors boast fire and smoke ratings as follows:

  • 3-Hour Rating: Approved for doors in dividing firewalls.
  • 1.5-Hour Rating: Suitable for doors in vertical shaft openings.
  • 0.75-Hour Rating: Approved for doors in corridors or room partitions.
  • Optional 4-Hour Rating: For more information, consult our factory.

We have established ourselves as the global leader in underground fire doors, with our innovative solutions offering unparalleled safety and security to mining operations worldwide.

Addressing Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Challenges in Underground Fire Safety

Underground mines are continually exploring ways to transition to Electric Vehicles (EVs) as battery technologies evolve. While EVs are a commendable solution for a greener future, they introduce unique risks, particularly the potential for battery fires. Numerous incidents involving potential hazards for battery fires can be found with a simple search, emphasizing the need for innovative safety measures. Unlike traditional fires, battery fires present distinct challenges.

Underground mines are beginning to explore the concept of underground battery charging stations as an essential part of their transition. AMD has been actively involved in the development of several of these concept designs to enhance underground safety and support these critical transitions. Our dedication to safety and innovation ensures that we will continue to assist in developing sound, safe solutions as standards for this technology are formulated.

We understand the unique challenges faced by our clients and distributors, both nationally and internationally, dedicated to offering comprehensive support and solutions, ensuring that safety and innovation remain at the forefront of our mission.

As the mining industry evolves, so do we, with a focus on safeguarding miners and the industry’s future.