Industrial Dampers

AMD Co. supplies multiple products incorporating dampers or dampers as individual units. We offer the following products: Mine Door with Dampers, Damper Door, Industrial Dampers (single unit dampers).

Mine Door with Dampers:

Damper Door

Industrial Dampers (single unit dampers)

Industrial dampers can be used for many different applications: damper walls, intake and exhaust fan dampers (at the raise), tunneling dampers etc..

Damper Actuation Options

  • Manual.
  • Automated:

Typical Damper Design (dependent upon size, flow and pressure):

Track Cleaners

At AMDr® our Model 75 is a rugged, heavy-duty Track Cleaner ready to remove iron, copper, coal, potash, and salt from your tracked mine. (This design was formerly called the Canton Track Cleaner.)

Designed to serve in a variety of underground mining environments, our Model 75 Track Cleaner operates while hitched to a locomotive. It cleans your mine track using two steps:

Specifications on the AMD Model 75 Track Cleaner

Our Model 75 Track Cleaners (formerly the Canton Track Cleaner) have a clean spillage rate exceeding 1 TON per minute, clearing the roadbed for a distance of 6′ 6″ from the centerline on each side of the track and leveling the roadbed a total of 13′ 0″ out to out with plow extensions. A medium size locomotive tows the cleaner, one or more empties, and the change motor.

Cable Vulcanizer

Repairs Cable in Underground Mines – When using flexible trailing cable in a mine, damage is a fact of life. Reducing downtime is a high priority. AMD ® ‘s cable vulcanizer offers sturdy construction that stands up to heavy use.

The innovative and proven design of American Mine Door’s cable vulcanizer has been used in the mining industry for years, making jobs easier and safer.

Features of AMD Cable Vulcanizers

Components of Cable Vulcanizer

Cable Molds

We design and machine in-house two different types of molds that are used in our CV machines. Molds are machined from 6061 aluminum using CNC machining equipment. All CV molds are fitted with hardened pins and bushings for alignment of the top and bottom halves of the mold.

Splicing molds are used to join two cables together or repair damaged wires within a multi-conductor cable.

These molds open up to a larger diameter in the center of the mold to accommodate the extra space required for the splice.

Repair molds are used to repair damaged outer jacket only. Repair molds have the same diameter of the cable being repaired all the way through the mold.



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