Ventilation doors

AMD offers five different models of ventilation doors that are used in underground mining operations. Ventilation doors are used to exhaust gases, direct airflow or create an air lock.
Models vary from low pressure (smaller size doors) to high pressure (larger size doors).
AMD® engineering calculates the amount of force placed upon the proposed door, using water gauge, height, and width to determine the amount of torque. Once we determine the amount of force (the more surface area and the higher the water gauge, the more force required to open and close the door), we advise each customer on the proposed door model and construction.


EcoVent Ventilation Door

400M Ventilation Door

800M Ventilation Door

HPM800 Ventilation Door

HPM1750 Ventilation Door

Roll-Up Doors

AMD Offers a full line of insulated and non-insulated roll-up doors for UG mining and surface mining applications. We also offer fire and smoke rated roll-up doors.

Roll-up doors can be used at the surface or underground: travel doors, service bays, battery charging bays, maintenance bays and fire doors.

Fire and Smoke Ratings on Roll Up Doors.

Fire Doors

All mining operations must adhere to specific requirements when it comes to fire safety. Mines regularly house hazardous and highly-flammable materials, making fire doors a necessity in some areas.
We regularly work with customers across the United States and around the world to customize durable, dependable fire doors for all types of mining operations.

Heavy-Duty Heat Protection

Our fire-rated mine doors are designed with heavy-duty, flame-retardant materials for added protection in the event of a mining emergency. These doors close and latch automatically, to prevent them from being left open during a fire.

Fire doors can be used to compartmentalize fires in various mining environments, quickly containing both flames and smoke while personnel are evacuated. The most common types of fire doors include:

Specifications and Details

Powder Magazine Doors

Type 1 Explosives Magazine Security Door & Type 2 Outdoor Magazine Security Door

AMD has designed and built these specialty doors that are required to meet the ATF’s Explosive Magazine Construction Requirements, 18 U.S.C , 27 CFR, Part 555, Subpart K-Storage.

We design and manufacture manual and automatic Explosive Magazine Doors that meet “TYPE 1 Magazines” as specified by the ATF. The Type 1 Magazine is the most stringent of the 5 different types of “Explosive Magazine Doors” designated by the ATF.

Specifications of a “Type 1 Explosives Magazine Security door”:

Mine Door with Built in Dampers

Damper Design

AMD offers both parallel blade and opposed blade dampers, dependent upon type of application. Most mines use OPPOSED blade design.

As a very general rule, parallel blade dampers are used for open/closed operation and opposed blade dampers are used for modulating damper operation. However, parallel blades offer better control of airflow near the end of the operating range (near full open or full close positions). Opposed blades offer better control of airflow throughout the entire operating range.

Damper Door (Automated Regulators on Hinges)

AMD Damper Doors are available in almost any size and can be configured in a single wing or dual wing design. Damper doors can be opened manually and will allow access where drop board regulators cannot.

Damper Design:

Battery Operated Door System

Pedestrian Door

AMD offers a variety of “pedestrian/ personnel doors,” accessible by miners for easy traffic flow and quick escape in emergency situations. Contact our experts to learn more about choosing the right mine door design for your location.

Pedestrian Door Models



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