Manual Actuation

Excellent option for low traffic areas. No actuation method. Due to our “opposing wing design” AMD still sells a large quantity of mine doors that are opened and closed manually. This can be done due to our design; the door actually uses the air pressure in the mine to assist with opening and closing the door. If an AMD doors wings are opened up 50%, the doors will remain in this position and not slam open or closed from the air pressure. This “balanced” design is the safest door design in the world.

Pneumatic Actuation

Over the last 40+ years we have sold thousands of pneumatically operated doors. Contact AMD Co. if you have any questions regarding our Pneumatic Control Systems! A Pneumatic Control Package will consist of the following items:

Hydraulic Actuation

AMD has used traditional hydraulic power units for over 20 years to actuate our mine doors with great success.

Hybrid Actuation

AMD has uncovered this latest technology of the AMD Hybrid Actuation System in an effort to provide the latest actuation technology available on the market today.