Daniel Zenisek, AMD owner, recently visited Chuquicamata mine as part of his attendance at EXPOMIN 2023, the most important mining fair in Latin America. The purpose of the visit was to work hand by hand with their partner HCA Minería to verify the operation of the doors manufactured by his company and currently installed in the mine to ensure worker safety and operation efficiency.

Mining doors are used for ventilation control, access and exit for people, equipment, and materials, while preventing the spread of dust, gases, and other pollutants. Thus, it is essential for these doors to meet rigorous quality standards and undergo constant preventive maintenance.

During his visit, Zenisek was able to confirm the quality of AMD doors installed, he also had the opportunity to meet with mine representatives to discuss possible improvements in the design and performance of the doors, as well as the logistics of their installation and maintenance.

This was a unique opportunity to strengthen the relationship with an important client and to demonstrate AMD’s commitment to quality and safety in the mining industry. Additionally, it allowed him to firsthand understand new operational needs and challenges at the Chuquicamata mine, which will undoubtedly be of great value for the development of future projects and solutions.

The visit to the Chuquicamata mine was an example of the importance of preventive maintenance and close collaboration between mining equipment manufacturers and users.