Our American Mine Door dual man way chamber eliminates dangerous change of air pressure from one section of the mine to the other without breaching the ventilation route. This two door chamber permits the safe, easy passage of mine personnel between different air pressures.

AMD Airlock Man Way can be designed to fit your unique mining needs, with available features including:

  • Customization of box and door sizes
  • Adaptability for various mine door styles.
  • Airtight steel chamber with sliding or concave pedestrian doors on each side. (Yellow Door)
  • Unique gravitational-controlled sliding-door mechanisms for easy opening and closing.
  • Minimal maintenance for years of dependable service.
  • Functionality in high-pressure environments. (Up to 20” water gauge)
  • Durable tubing and steel frames for added protection

The American Mine Door Air Lock Man-Way chamber can be used in an air pressure environment as high as 20” water gauge. Air Lock Man-Way frames are constructed of 2” x 2” 11 gauge tubing with 12 gauge steel for the skins. For more information about Airlock Man-Way click here or to request a quote click here.

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